Users outside of the system have the option to send tips to the system users. Tips give your team access to information anonymously about an emergency without initiating a full emergency. Once a tip is submitted, users with your system can talk live or call the user if they provided a valid phone number.

You can access the tips through the initial panic page or by clicking the sandwich menu during an open emergency.

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There are two statuses of a tip, pending and closed which can be toggled at the top right of the screen.

Selecting an existing tip gives you multiple options and information.

Tip Type- Type of tip sent.
Submitted Time- Time that the tip was submitted.
Name- Name of the individual if provided.
Email Address- Email address of the user who sent the information.
Phone Number- Phone number of the user, Can be contacted automatically if provided.
School- What school this is pertaining to.
Status- Pending or Closed
Information- Any other additional information provided by the user.

Message Tip Sender- Prompted the app to allow the users to talk to the users in real time and anonymously.
Call Tip Sender- Attempts to contact the user through the phone api.
Create Emergency from tip- Opens the emergency select page. This uses the same emergency flow as the panic button, but includes the additional information and functions including initiating emergencies anywhere and viewing map boundries and coordinates.