In the case of an emergency, you will want to press the large panic button. This will initiate the emergency process.

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Once the button is pressed, you will be prompted with what type of emergency you would like to initiate. All emergency types and messages can be edited within the system settings.

Once the emergency is selected, you will need to choose the location of the emergency and edit the message. 

Select the location from the dropdown. These will be pre populated with locations you can initiate your emergencies.

Select the location by clicking on the map on your screen. You will have a 100 yard threshold of your current location based on your GPS. 

Select your message. This will be pre populated by the emergency type.

Once the emergency is initiated, Messages and push notification will be sent to all users who are currently part of that type of emergency within the current settings. You will be then be pushed to the emergency management portion of the application.