In order to keep the plans organized and to require approval, there are several states when creating a referral.

Referred: The default state of a newly created or submitted from a Prereferral.

Approved / Finalized(504): Once you are ready to start your plan, Click Approve or Finalize Plan. Once it is approved or finalized, you can no longer edit the information on the plan.

District Coordinator Approval Required: By default, this is not set in the settings. But this will require district coordinator to approve a plan. You can click the request approval button to notify the district coordinator to approve the plan.

Closed: Once a plan is completed, click the End Plan to complete close the plan. Click Revert to Referred to restore the current plan to its original Referred status. Additional buttons are also available under the Create/Edit Plan tab. Create Revision From Plan, Create Annual Plan From Plan, and Create Exit Plan From Plan will end the current plan and create a new one.