HIB React includes many different options to customize your experience.


Users- Edit users and information on how they will be contacted.

Email Address- Address that will be contacted in case of emergencies.

Phone Number- Number that will be contacted in case of emergencies.

Role- Sets the permissions, emergency types, and what types of emergencies they will be contacted for.

SMS Provider- The phone provider that the phone number belongs to. This is required to ensure that the text messages are sent.

Active- Indicates whether the user is currently active in the system.

School- The schools in which they will be notified about emergencies.

Locked- This will be checked if their password tries expire.

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Tip Type- Types of tips users can select within the tip submission page.

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Roles- The permissions and emergency types that a user will belong to. You can create as many roles as you need for this, but only one role can be applied to each user.

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Schools- Individual locations in which emergencies can be initiated. Each school has a list of floor plans that can be applied to them. The floor plans can be edited in the map editor application. The SIS id is required for when bulk uploading users.

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Emergency Types- Emergency types, are the emergencies that can be initiated by users. Use this area to customize predefined information such as the closing message, policy, checkins, and message. This will save time in the case of an emergency.

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Documents- Documents are the documents provided for users. Once uploaded, these documents can be quickly accessed through the emergencies themselves based on the locations and hierarchy.

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District Settings- Additional settings including the tip page url, logo, CSV upload options, and name of the district.

 An example of the csv can be accessed here.

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Contact Settings- Provides user with a list of the emergencies and schools in which users will be contacted and included in.