In order for users to contact your security teams and users without a login, They can use the submit a tip function. This function allows users to connect through a link to submit tips with additional details and communication options.

In order to access this page, users can go to the  Https://"Your District's ID" which can be found in the district settings in the browser login.

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This information is included will be provided to your team once it is sent. 

After submitting the tip, the user will be sent to a new page which can be accessed in the future at any time.
This page includes an instant messenger which users can use to talk to your team.

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If you access this page through the browser site as a user, you will also have the option to close the tip, and create an emergency from the tip. Closing the tip will place it into the closed tips grid. Creating emergency from tip will open the create an emergency from the browser.