Like the mobile app, You can manage your emergencies through the browser. 

Emergency Type- The type of emergency the user selected.

Date Initiated- The time the emergency was created.

Initiated by- User who created the emergency. You can click this to bring up the messenger and chat with this user.

Initiated Source- Whether it was created through the app or website.

Documents- Click the document to download and view it.

Floor Plan- The map of the location which the emergency is currently occuring.

Location- The current floor plan the map is on.

Request Checkin- Prompts the user to send a checkin to all users within an emergency.

Close Emergency- Closes the current emergency and prompts the user to submit a message.

Emergency Message- Message sent to users upon the emergency activation.

Check Ins- Responses to the checkins that were sent to all users within an emergency.

Emergency Group Message- A group message that can be used to interact with users in realtime.

Open Chats- Clicking on the users will open a private message with the current user. You can also send checkins to these individuals.

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